Preparing your home for Christmas

Preparing your home for Christmas

Christmas is one of the most cherished times in our yearly calendar, when everyone comes together and catches up with family and friends: However, I always find at Christmas time that homes are required to become even more multi-purpose than they already are. Where to put the grandparents? Where should the Christmas tree go, and how many people need to be seated around the dining table?

When looking at a home renovation for our clients one of the questions that I always put to them is where will your Christmas tree or trees go? The answer is the room where you spend the most of your time as a family. This used to be the sitting room, but as our ways of living have changed over time, this room now tends to be the open plan kitchen, dining area and snug. We even ensure that there is a handy socket ready for the occasion.

Decorating your house and tree is a tradition for each of us and a great time to get the family together, young and old, to relive this tradition. Helped along with mince pies, mulled wine, and hot chocolate. It doesn’t matter what goes on your tree; the important thing is getting everyone involved with the decoration.

I also find at this time that the hamster must move to the bathroom, and the children’s play kitchen needs to move to a bedroom; to make space for the Christmas tree, additional seating and storage is required. Sometimes we do not see the benefit of moving furniture and making changes, but it is good to reframe this as a time to re-home or recycle anything that you are not using anymore. It is also a good time to recycle some of the children’s toys to make room for the influx of new toys and games that are about to come into your home.

Once any recycling and rehoming has happened you will have a clearer view of the areas in your home that may require some home improvements. That chair moved from the bedroom for additional seating looks very well placed in the newly repositioned sitting room and it would look lovely re-upholstered in a luxurious (stain resistant!) velvet, helping to add value to your home. Sometimes changing your home for Christmas can pave the way for new thoughts and ideas which can become home renovations in the coming year.

We do tend to get very caught up in the festive season and there is huge pressure to make your home perfect for all of your guests. Do remember that this is just one day, and life very much goes back to normal after Christmas. Don’t be tempted to quickly renovate your home for Christmas; take your time to get renovations and adjustments right for the long term. A new cushion is not going to solve many issues; but analysing the space you have, and your requirements will prove a better long-term investment for you and your family.

If you are thinking about home renovations in the coming year then I would be delighted to talk to you about your ideas, plans and how these can be achieved.