The Client

LilyBuff was an exciting project for a young professional couple who both have design knowledge and creativity in abundance. One is a specialist graphic designer enjoying modern, bespoke interiors, with their partner having their own floristry business, appreciating softer textures and the beauty of nature.

Design Requirements

Facing the complexity of national lockdown due to COVID 19, the couple encountered the challenge of creating a work space that provided both individuals inspiration to create their best work, but still encompass a liveable area that can be used post lockdown.

The second bedroom was chosen as the most suitable area, and requirements shortlisted to create their dream office space without breaking the bank. A large desk area to encompass both a substantial screen & powerful computer for graphic design, and enough space to form an open inviting work area for the creativity needed in floristry.

Storage, shelving, and a notice board were needed to encapsulate the office necessities. However, these features do not need to be mundane and can be utilised to link the design. By balancing the sleek minimalistic desk with the bespoke design of the notice board, the shelving has the ability to utilise personnel mementos and link the project to a harmonious balance.

Design Details

A Solid Oak desktop that brings nature into the office space was selected, bringing the outside in, with warm inviting tones. An exquisite colour palette of soft grey, green and white was selected to balance the warm oak with the white and grey creating a neutral backdrop, with the green providing an opulent feature making the colours sing.

Plants were chosen and positioned onto the shelf to further enhance the green colour palette, adding both texture and vibrancy to the shelving and further linking the floristry to the office space.

A commissioned notice board was created to provide a place to pin inspirations and artwork for the couple. Upholstered in a white and grey geometric patterned fabric to add detail and depth to the desk area, further balancing the delicate colour palette of the project.