Miele Generation 7000 Launch

Miele Generation 7000 Launch

Myself and a colleague recently had the pleasure of visiting the Miele Centre in Abingdon for the launch of the new Generation 7000 appliances. Most of Miele’s appliances have been redesigned with new features and technology.
We had 5 training sessions over the day on various appliances and a chance to sample the gorgeous food in each session.

One of the most interesting things was the new Dialog oven which cooks food at a lower temperature and in less time. The oven has ‘anteni’ which sends and receives information which tells the oven how the food is cooking and how many energy waves to send.

Other great new features were the power disk in dishwashers which automatically dispense and dose the powder. Food view which is a camera in the oven which lets you see how the food is cooking and if it is done or needs some more time. All operated from your smart phone which is standard with Miele.

Above are photos of the new Vitroline ovens which come in coloured glass, the colour above is Graphite Grey.

Overall it was a great day with superb hospitality as always from Miele. The food was delicious and there are some really great features and technology being brought to the market from Miele.