Georgia and Penelope

Georgia and Penelope

In February I was tasked with helping to update a girls bedroom, which was changing from the oldest girls room to a joint bedroom with bunk beds for both girls. This was the perfect time to create the ultimate girly, fun and lasting bedroom for both to enjoy.

I had a lovely initial chat with the client talking about what she would like to add to the room, what paint colours she liked and we discussed all her wonderful inspiration images.

The client sent over images of what was staying in the room like the white build in wardrobe and the beautiful vintage dolls house.

I then set about researching all of the new elements needed; curtains, rug, accessories, decals and lamps. After I created a mood board to bring the scheme together and to show the client how the room as a whole would look.

The client was happy with the scheme, but colours for the room needed some slight adjustment. Taking out the soft red and replacing it with more soft pink and blush tones.

The client was then happy to go and complete all the room changes as discussed, needing little guidance from me. Cue all these really gorgeous photos of the newly decorated girls bedroom and the styling is amazing. Georgia and Penelope’s mum has done a fantastic job and the girls are absolutely thrilled with their new room.