My changing understanding of art for your home

My changing understanding of art for your home

I have known for a long time of the need to style and furnish your home; and I have bought various prints, framed art and different frames over the years to fill spaces on a wall.

But it has not been until recently that I have started to understand the importance of curated, well framed and well mounted harmonious works of art in your home.

I am also slowing learning about art as an investment, having recently invested in 2 pieces of art ourselves from Sophie Tea and the Conor Brothers. These are totally different pieces, but both work well in different areas of our home. We have also taken the time to understand where the best places would be to hang these pieces; Thinking about ceiling heights, use of the room and room scheme and the amount of natural light.

During our Lindisfarne project, I was able to add to the home owners existing art collection. I was able to position the art where it looked best in the house, thinking about the room use and natural light. The home owners have a love of bright, fun art and this really gave character and personality to their second home straight from the start.

Art that I have come to appreciate more myself recently is framing your children’s, nieces, nephews and grandchildren’s drawings. The more abstract, the better for me. I love bright colours blended together in a fun and unassuming way. These look really great in a plain frame with a large crisp mount and look extra special – which of course, they are.

Do get in touch with us if you feel it may be time to update and reorganise your art collection, we would love to hear form you.